Our School


Our Mission

The Mission of KLA Schools is to provide a safe, innovative environment and high quality education for the students of our communities inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to education.


Vision & Values

All children are honored as individuals who are intrinsically motivated and are active participants in their learning.

Families, educators and children are partners in learning and research.

Environments are safe, nurturing, and designed to promote experiences that invite children and adults to enter into meaningful dialogues that foster children’s innate curiosity, creativity, and thinking.

Relationships are at the core of our educational approach and are built with our surroundings: people, materials, and environments.

Through documentation, the learning process of teachers and children is made visible for furthering understanding, expanding on concepts, and celebrating ideas.

Our Leadership Team

Sarah GReen


A Letter from the Director

Welcome to our website!

I want to personally invite you to explore everything we have to offer at KLA Schools of Coral Gables.

Our school community has a strong image of each child as curious, creative, and capable of building knowledge about the world around them through everything they encounter. We understand the value of exploring each child’s individuality and the importance of supporting them as they make choices, develop and test theories, and express themselves through multiple creative outlets. All of this leads to a strong lifetime love for learning that they can take with them into their future.

At KLA Schools of Coral Gables you will find dedicated educators, some of whom have been with our school since its opening year in 2009, observing, documenting, and learning with the children. Our staff works carefully to build strong, healthy relationships with each child and family, and to strengthen our school community.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to meeting you in person when you visit our school.


Sarah Green
KLA Schools of Coral Gables

Our Educators

KLA Schools are staffed with caring, fun, and dedicated professionals. Participating regularly in professional development experiences, our teachers are constantly looking for ways to learn more about the best ways to teach our students. Observations of each child are taken throughout the day in addition to notes reflecting on weekly projections. Our educators are continually analyzing which ways children learn best as well as which teaching styles are most effective.

Facilitators in their interactions with children, our educators work to align children interests with the learning domains in loving, nurturing, and positive ways which support students in feeling safe, loved, and valued. Our curriculum addresses the whole child including academic, physical, social and emotional domains.

We encourage them to think deeper and ask questions as they research different theories. It is of utmost importance that teachers and children alike invest in researching and collaborating together in order to be a part of each other’s learning process.

Parents as Our Partners

Parents are a crucial factor in our program. In fact, parents are our partners. Our teachers understand and respect that parents are their children’s first teacher. Their involvement in the school gives their children a sense of security and is deeply appreciated. We recognize that stable, quality relationships during the early years are fundamental for later developmental outcomes. Collaboration between teachers, parents and the children is an integral part of the educational experience at KLA Schools. Our goal is not simply to build a strong, warm and nurturing connection with each child, but to extend that connection to our community of parents. By working in a collaborative group setting, children learn critical life skills such as compromise, reasoning, respect for others’ opinions and enhancement of their sense of community. Through these partnerships, children benefit from experiencing many of the same principles at home that they do in school and thrive with this consistency. Teachers also offer frequent support our families and our communities through transparency and by being a source of information about educating a whole child and the various aspects of development.

Photo Tour

We would like to welcome you to your digital tour of KLA Schools. From the moment you walk into any of our locations, you will know that you are in a KLA School. Each one of our schools has a modern feel and design unlike any other. Features such as wood floors and furniture, large picture windows for all classrooms and offices, large corridors and classroom sizes, soft tone colors, and play soft furniture brought in from Italy are some of the visual components that makes KLA stand out from all the rest.

Click the photo to launch the tour.

Safety and Security

KLA Schools are safe and secure by design. We work diligently to maintain the cleanliness of our facility as well as the safety of our furnishings and overall health of our children and their environment.

Parents log their children in at the reception area, where no outsiders are allowed. All doors leading outside of the KLA Schools grounds are kept locked and only able to be opened through sophisticated technology. Our schools include an outdoor play area designed with age appropriate materials, protective fences, and well-maintained grounds to insure the children’s safety.

The entire school is continually monitored utilizing closed caption cameras in all classrooms as well as hallways and outdoor spaces.

Staff members qualified to respond to life-threatening emergencies are always in attendance. Trained in pediatric first aid and CPR, staff members are always available to respond to a variety of emergency medical situations. In addition to our regularly instituted health and safety plan, emergency care producers are also put in place for both minor and major incidents.

Whatever the situation, our staff is confident and qualified to keep your most prized possession safe at all times.

Community Service

As part of our philosophy and educational approach, we believe it is essential to make visible the fact that each child knows and understands that we are all different and can co-exist peacefully. We have different ways of thinking, a fact we embrace. In fulfilling this vision, KLA Schools has formed relationships with charitable organizations within each of the communities where it exists. Read more about our involvement with the following foundations:

Santa en Las Calles (Santa on the Streets)

Each year KLA Schools of Coral Gables holds a special pajama drive for two orphanages from Camillus House in Homestead. These orphanages serve 117 children from 0 to 16 years old. We gather resources from our caring and giving families to provide every child with a special bag filled with a few necessities to bring a smile and care to those in need.

Camillus House

Each year KLA Schools of Coral Gables participates in fundraising through the Camillus House Organization. Serving the South Florida community since 1960, this is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian services to men, women and children who are poor and homeless. We ask our families to help us by providing basic non-perishable necessities to these people in our community.

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