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Brickell’s Private Elementary School

An innovative and progressive institution inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Giving continuity to our renowned early childhood education.

Registration is open for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.
Call 305-377-0391 to schedule your private tour.

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Who We Are

Located in the heart of The City Beautiful, our school rests among many restaurants, theaters, art galleries, and parks, making it a cultural destination. The interesting, diverse, and culturally rich environment of Coral Gables allows our children to explore in a variety of ways. Our families represent the vast nationalities that are present in our neighborhood. Through them, our quaint and cozy school is enriched and open to embracing the uniqueness in our children.

What Makes Us Unique

ImmersedImmersed in the Community
Within our residential neighborhood, our school finds itself in the middle of a growing environment. With frequent field trips and welcoming members of our community into our school, we are constantly creating relationships and finding our place within our context.

ParentsParents as Partners in Education
Dedicated to the familial relationship, care and consideration are given to all families in our tight- knit and heavily-involved parent community.

IntimateEnvIntimate Environment
As a school that is small in size, we are able to offer a warm, cozy and loving space that becomes a second home for your child and family.

lowratioLow Student to Teacher Ratios
At KLA Schools of Coral Gables, your child will receive a lot of individualized attention and an increased opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

familyatmosphereFamily Atmosphere
We are a family where the whole school, not just the teachers but also all other members of the staff, know your child personally.

highestlevelofHighest Level of Preparation for Ongoing Schools
As a school, we value the importance of preparing your child for their transition to an ongoing school. We find that our alumni continue to thrive and find great success wherever they go.

lowturnoverLow Staff Turnover
Teachers and teacher’s assistants are experienced and have worked with young children and the Reggio Emilia philosophy for years.

enrichmentcoursesEnrichment Courses
Soccer, Art and Music are weekly courses included in the tuition to offer children opportunities to expand upon their interests during their daily experiences.


“The best preschool approach in the world!”


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Registration is Now Open
Call us now to schedule your tour: 305-377-0391


  • I LOVE this school! Their philosophy, their caring teachers, their clean and cheerful environment. I have both my kids at this school and wouldn’t think of sending them anywhere else.
    I especially love how they see the whole child and meet each child where they are at. My oldest son is more introverted and shy. In a regular school program he would be labeled and made to feel there was something wrong with him. At KLA, my son’s teachers work to help my son feel confident by creating experiences for him to interact and learn how to engage with students. They make him feel special and unique and embrace his gifts of kindness and art while developing new ones.
    I think the teachers are the best part of this place. I would work here if I could! They are professional and caring, knowledgeable and dedicated. They create programs for the children that are truly about garnering discovery and curiosity, truly the skills that children need and adults will use every day for the rest of their lives.
    We looked at a lot of schools before deciding on KLA and I can say they have exactly what we were looking for. A school program with the ability to get some after care and have additional activities for my kids to take after school, like yoga, soccer, kid-o-kinetics.
    Perfect place for your little one.

    – Maureen F.

  • We love the warm, embracing, creative atmosphere the faculty and staff initiate. I was so afraid when I went back to work that my three-year-old and one-year-old would be upset to go to school full-time.  Instead, they were happy to be engaged in activities all day. A highlight of the year was the art exhibit! The school goes out of its way to create a sense of community.

    – Lucia B.

  • KLA is a wonderful preschool. The staff is amazing and you can tell that they are passionate about what they do. The facility is beautiful, clean and very comfortable. They do an great job with their art program and letting the children be creative with numerous art mediums.

    – Jennifer K.

  • I knew I loved this school the moment I walked through the doors and your work only reinforces how much we were right in choosing this school and this approach. This is our child’s first year in KLA Coral Gables and she has already grown tremendously in the few weeks she has been here. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are… We are truly thankful to have our daughter in such a wonderful place.

    –Erica R.

  • I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed being a part of KLA Coral Gables.  Having recently moved to Miami, it has been such a comfort to know that our kids are happy to go to school every day.  I have seen both of our kids bloom under the Reggio Emilia philosophy, but it is more than that.  The teachers are phenomenal.  They really understand how children learn, grow, and develop.  I am continually blown away by the teachers’ grasp of how to teach–they teach our children to love learning.  Similarly, the support staff and administration are truly remarkable.  The school is well-run, organized, clean, and welcoming.  And best of all, we know our kids are loved and comfortable. 
    We also have loved the programs provided as part of the regular curriculum (soccer and music), as well as the many outreach efforts to get families involved.  The KLA community has made this school year so special, from decorating the school to holding special events at the holidays and outside the school setting.  I sincerely wish every school understood children and how they learn and develop like KLA Coral Gables does.  I have nothing but praise for the school, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a preschool in the Miami area.    
    Thank you for all you do for our kids.

    –Alison E.

  • I love this schools, My kid loves it, he learned a lot, and the school personnel is always concern about my kid’s best interest. Best in Miami, totally recommended. I fell safe leaving my son in there, great environment for children and very creative.

    – Sharon L.

  • My oldest kid (6) started attending this school before he was two years old and just graduated from Kindergarten and he wishes he could “stay there forever”. This will be the 3rd year for my little one (4) attending KLA and he loves it too. We all love it; the teachers are amazing! When you have little kids you want to know everything about them, and here the teachers are always available to talk to you and help you with any concerns you might have. You have teacher-parent conferences as well and they invite you to participate in many activities during the year; and every day there is documentation and pictures posted in the classroom, and also you can see them on the parent portal, so you can have an idea of what they are working on and see pictures of them during the school day.

    We are very happy with the Reggio Emilia approach, they learn so much without even noticing, even in kindergarten, where they learn to be responsible, to work and meet their goals and milestones like in any other school, the difference: they still get to learn a lot of things through play, and for us that is the best way to learn because they get to “be kids”. They learn to be self confident, independent, to be considerate with the other kids, they really motivate their curiosity to solve problems and why it is important and fun to learn things, they don’t learn just because they have to. They are encouraged to try all of the material and the different ways to learn things, hands on.

    They have also art, music, sports and even Spanish classes for the big kids.

    The school is beautiful, clean and secure. Everybody knows each other; they know all the kids by their names, my kids are very comfortable and feel like they are in their house almost.
    They have early care and after care program, and also a lot of after school classes.

    It is a great school to introduce the little ones to the world and a great base for all their school years.

    – Patricia F.

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